Ultimately the reason people join the TRF is to go riding their bikes on green lanes. In Gloucestershire we have three main riding areas which conveniently represents three levels of difficulty of ride. Bear in mind that your bike and the weather conditions also affect the level of difficulty considerably.

Beginners Level Riding.

Beginners rides often take place in North East Gloucestershire where there are some great easy lanes that resemble farm tracks, edges of fields and a few water splashes through road fords. There are some very easy stoney inclines. These rides are 2 to 3 hours and suitable for any riders on any bikes. Big bikes should have knobbly tyres especially if it is wet. These pictures are from typical beginners rides:


Mixed Level Riding.

Central Gloucestershire is where most of our riding takes place and represents easy to medium difficulty lanes. There are some steeper hills, rocky lanes and ruts. There are some river crossings, longer fords and faster gravel roads. Generally speaking a very good mix of riding and sufficient lanes for between 1 and 2 days riding depending on how many hours you want to ride for.  Suitable for all bikes. These pictures are from typical central Gloucestershire rides:


Advanced Level Riding.

West Gloucestershire and Wye Valley is the area where our most challenging rides take place. Many lanes are individually named and well known due to their level of challenge from easy through to extreme. Sufficient lanes for a full day and more if you venture further into Wales. Only suitable for trail and enduro bikes. These pictures are from typical Wye Valley rides:


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