Joining a Rideout

The Gloucestershire TRF put on a Group Rideout at least every month, however bear in mind that these are lead by volunteers and so this can change.

Each ride is run by a ride leader and that person co-ordinates their rides as well as the route, start time, type of rider/bike suitable. Some ride leaders may have their own process.

Signing up to a Group  Rideout

The usual process is that:

  • Rides are posted in the Gloucestershire Members Facebook group (only accessible to joined members).
  • Contact the ride leader by replying to the post. ¬†Usually the ride leader will keep a list of who is going and limit this list to a set number to prevent groups getting too large. If you cannot use Facebook then you may contact the ride leader directly at a club meeting (such as if you are a new potential member) or by e-mail to and your message will be forwarded on where possible.
  • Some rides will be for suggested groups such as beginners or big bikes, but most are open to all. This is at the discretion of the ride leader.
  • The ride leader will publish start time, ride details and duration and the meeting location.
  • Please make sure you have a telephone contact for the ride leader and arrive early ready to set off on time, with a full fuel tank.
  • Enjoy the ride

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