About Us

The Gloucestershire Trail Riders Fellowship is an official affiliated group of the national Trail Riders Fellowship, or TRF. If you want to find out about the Gloucestershire TRF or take part in any of our activities then please read on. If you want to find out about the national TRF please visit www.trf.org.uk.


We arrange regular rideouts for our members and potential members. We try to organise at least one group ride every month. Members and potential member can join in, and the ride may be aimed at a particular section such as beginners or big bike riders. We also lead members from other TRF areas and similarly will visit other areas to explore further afield.

In recent years we have been able to run at least one rideout most months, and we will try to keep this up, however it does depend upon members volunteering to  lead groups . Check the diary to see what is coming up.

Rights of way


Much of the clubs more formal work relates to dealing with vehicular rights of way issues in Gloucestershire. We have a rights of way officer and one of the main topics of each monthly meeting is the discussion of rights of way matters. We also maintain ‘marked up maps’ showing the legal routes we believe to be in existence in our area. In Gloucestershire we use Ordnance Survey Landranger series numbers:

162 – Gloucester & Forest of Dean.
163 – Cheltenham & Cirencester.

If you would like to ask our opinion on any green lanes in Gloucestershire or have noticed any deliberate blocking, obstruction or incorrect signage appearing then please contact us.

Lane clearance


Unsealed roads can become blocked and impassable for various reasons. For example they can become overgrown or suffer fly tipping. When this happens, at best it spoils the enjoyment of the lane for walkers, horse riders, motorcyclists and other users. At worst it can make the lane dangerous or even impassable. The TRF organises lane clearance days as and when the need arises. Not only does this improve things for us, it also helps other lane users, and helps to show people that TRF members are responsible motorcyclists.

If you know of a lane that needs clearing, or want to volunteer for some clearing duty, then please contact us.

Horse events


To help fund the TRF and to act as ambassadors for trail riding in general, we often assist at horse riding events. Over the years Gloucestershire TRF have built up a reputation of being efficient and professional, which improves our image in the horse riding world.

At a horse endurance event we’ll set out the route using marker ribbons, check the route on the mornings before horses set out and also act as a “rapid response” service should there be any requirements during the day. At the end of the event we ride around the route and take all the markers down again.

At horse trials we circulate around the course collecting the scores from the ‘jump judges’ and return them to the admin team who then keep everyone up to date with what’s happening during the event.

The Gloucestershire TRF group gets a donation from the event organisers. Participating TRF members generally get food & drink provided. We also get the enjoyment of a day out and about, doing something useful, riding in areas where we are not usually allowed on motorcycles and we are promoting the image of trail riders. If you want to join in, then please contact Jacky German at the monthly meeting.

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