Please note that the monthly group meetings are being resumed from Wednesday 1st September 2021.

Please also note the new meeting location.

There’s no greater sense of freedom, adventure and fun than riding your motorbike through beautiful countryside on the UK network of ‘green lanes’.


Be it a trail bike, enduro, dual sport or large adventure motorcycle, with the right attitude, a few riding skills and some map reading ability (plus some knobbly tyres on your bike) you can experience a whole different world from the tarmac commute.

 With the TRF you’ll learn where to ride legally, meet some new friends with similar interests and also get the opportunity to help out (hence the ‘fellowship’). So what’s stopping you?

Trail riding

Trail riding can be most simply described as riding a road legal motorcycle on unsealed roads that may be gravel, rock, chalk, grass, dirt or mud. Trail riding also requires riding the tarmac roads in-between and navigating a route.

In England and Wales the ‘green lanes’ we ride are roads classified as Byway Open To All Traffic (BOAT or Byway for short) and Unclassified County Roads (UCR).

Trail bikes


Our members ride all sorts of bikes from Honda c90 special to Yamaha Serow to Honda XR250 to Suzuki DRZ400 to BMW 1200GS and each has its own advantages and drawbacks, so you really can ride whatever you want to. However most settle on a medium sized, lighter weight, single cylinder from 250cc to 450cc capacity, Older trail bikes are actually very suitable for this purpose provided they are in good order, but they may lack a modern bikes electric starter.

We can provide potential new members with advice learned from years of experience and practical knowledge. If you have any questions about trail bikes or trail riding please just ask us.

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